Jefferson Davis said, "The many who measure the value of an officer's service by the conspicuous part he played upon the fields of battle, may not properly estimate the worth of Cooper's services in the war between the States."

Although General Cooper's contributions to history are everlasting, he is one of the least recognized and written about generals that served the South. This web page is dedicated to Adjutant and Inspector General Samuel Cooper who served both the United States of America and The Confederate States of America.

Genealogy of John Cooper's Family, Grandfather of General Samuel Cooper, CSA

E. Rowland Dawson's research papers - Copies of his papers have been given to the General's Web Site by S. Cooper Dawson, Jr., great-grandson of General Samuel Cooper. Mr. Dawson, Cooper as he prefers to be addressed, is the grandson of Virginia Cooper Dawson one of two daughters of General Cooper.

Short Sketch of Samuel Cooper's Life - Since 1877 it has also been said that General Cooper's great-grandfather, name unknown, had three sons; John, the grandfather of General Cooper, Samuel and William. Samuel was placed as the Reverend Samuel Cooper of Boston. Some doubt has been placed........

Research Notes - "General and Mrs. Cooper came to see us. She is Mrs. Smith Lee's sister, Senator Mason's sister."

Summary of May 30, 1997, Research - "Born on June 12, 1798, at New Hackensack, Dutchess County, New York, on his father's birthday. His father was Major Samuel Cooper of the Revolutionary Army where he served in Knox Artillery of Washington's Army."

More Notes - Sketch of the Late General S. Cooper by General Fitz. Lee as it appeared in the Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume III, January to June, 1877.

The General's Family - "For years it has been written that General Samuel Cooper was a direct descendent of the Reverend Samuel Cooper of Boston. Much of this belief stemmed from the paper prepared by General Fitzhugh Lee and published in the Southern Historical Society Papers. E. Rowland Dawson, in his unpublished papers, has added some interesting discovery with regards to General Cooper's family including some documented facts about General Cooper's father's military career."

Letter from President Jefferson Davis, - "I am gratified to know that you have under-taken to make a record of the services and virtues of a man than whom none has higher claims upon the regard of all who loved the Confederacy. No one presents an example more worth of the emulation of the youth of his country. My personal acquaintance with General Cooper began at......."

S. Cooper Dawson's Presentation Washington DC Civil War Round Table on January 10, 1978, - "Most sources say Cooper was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, probably because no one ever heard of New Hackensack, New York. Ezra Warner in General's in Gray, so stated and when I wrote to give him the facts, Mr. Warner replied that your father told me so. Was my face red! But, the West Point register of graduates says New York, and Mr. Warner dug further in Dutchess County records and later confirmed his birthplace (as New Hackensack, New York)."

Other Resources:

  • Samuel Cooper from Dictionary of American Biography, Volume II, Bearly-Cushing, Edited by Allen Johnson and Dumas Maline, Charles Scribner's Sons, New York.

  • Confederate Veteran, Vol. 14, No 2, Nashville, Tenn., February, 1906, Gen. Samuel Cooper.
 Contributions to this web site regarding General Samuel Cooper, his wife Sarah Mason Cooper, their daughter Virginia Cooper Dawson (married Captain Nicholas Dawson, VMI, CSA), daughter Maria Cooper Wheaton (married General Frank Wheaton, USA) or son Samuel Mason Cooper, will be most appreciative.