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Leaves from an Old Washington Diary
Elizabeth Lindsay Lomax

Remarks mentioning the Coopers

Ash Wednesday, March 1, 1854 "Maria Cooper and Lieutenant Wheaton dined with us this evening. They are to be married in a few months, but are so reserved and discreet that the closest observer could not deteck a romance. Romance is rare and lovely, and should be allowed to flourish like a green bay tree."

December 20, 1854 "This afternoon about five o'clock Vic (a daughter) and Chandler (Vic's suitor) and I attended a large reception at Colonel Cooper's, where we met many old friends in the city for the holidays, among others, Colonel R.E. Lee, Superintendant of West Point. I had forgotten he is such a handsome man, although Lindsay (a son then at West Point) wrote me that Colonel Lee was the handsomest man he had ever met."

January 17, 1855 "This evening I dined with Colonel and Mrs. Cooper. There I met Colonel Walker who is stationed at West Point. He spoke in the highest praise of my dear boy(Lindsay)."

July 17, 1855. "Colonel Cooper called to say that Mr. McClellan is sending me more writing to do for the War Department."

August 1, 1855 "Colonel Cooper's messenger brought me a ponderous volume of papers from the War Department for me to copy. This means that I am regularly installed as a worker for the Government, which pleases me mightily." October 26, 1856. "Invitations to the Adjutant-General's on Friday."

February 5, 1857 "Anne and Vic have gone to the wedding of Maria Cooper and Lieutenant Wheaton. Fitz Lee is here for a few days. It is always a pleasure to have dear Fitz with us. His is so light hearted and gay - will never grow up."

April 23, 1857 "Today Colonel Cooper brought me a strong letter from Governor Floyd to the Secretary of the Interior asking him to give me writing." She had written General Gordon asking his aid in obtaining the help of Governor Wise in getting Government writing, and Governor Wise had called on her and said, "I have brought you a note to present to Governor Floyd" (then Secretary of War). Secretary Floyd had promised writing for her when she had presented the note from Wise.

June 13, 1857 "Maria Wheaton, who is home on a visit, came to tea this afternoon. She says my dear Lindsay is well, loves army life, and is a great favorite with his regiment." Lieutenant Lindsay Lomax was then Adjutant of General Sedgwick's division, in action against the Cheyenne Indians.

August 31, 1858 "Colonel Cooper kindly sent me a copy of an order granting Lindsay a leave of absence for next Christmas." Lindsay reached home on November 22nd. Lieutenant Fitz Lee and Frank Armstrong, classmates, were house guests at New Years.

March 9, 1858 "Lindsay leaves tomorrow, at five A.M. Will go to Richmond, where he will join Lieutenant Wheaton. They will travel to Fort Arbuckle Together. I am glad Lindsay will have a companion on the long, tedious journey." In June Lindsay was on scout duty at Fort Wishita, and Lieutenant J.E.B. Stuart called on Mrs. Lomax. "He is of Lindsay's regiment. I never met a more interesting and charming young man. He is very musical and sany many songs with Virginia and Vic."

March 15, 1861 "Colonel Cooper has resigned and gone South."

April 20, 1861 "Mrs. Mason came to ask me to advise her where to take old Mr. Mason for quiet and safety. It is hard to say. I suggested Charlottesville.".

April 21st "Lindsay told me he has sent in his resignation… Chandler (Vic's suitor) has joined the Federal army! Vic will not see him - will not speak to him."

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