15. Adjutant and Inspector General Samuel4 Cooper, CSA (Major Samuel3, John2, Rev. William1)(1) (#5) was born New Hackensack, New York June 12, 1798. General Cooper died December 14, 1876 Alexandria, Virginia, at 78 years of age. His body was interred December 14, 1876 Christ Church Cemetery.

He married Sarah Maria Mason Analostan Island, Washington, DC, April 4, 1827. (Sarah Maria Mason is #6.) Sarah was born Virginia September 11, 1800. Sarah was the daughter of John Mason, General and Anna Maria Murray. Sarah died July 29, 1890 Alexandria, Virginia, at 89 years of age. Her body was interred July 29, 1890 Christ Church Cemetery. .

Samuel graduated from West Point in 1815. He was appointed 2nd Lieutenant of artillery, he was later Aid-de-Camp to USA General Macomb from 1828 to 1836.

Promoted to Captain in 1836, he was on Staff duty at Headquarters as Assistant Adjutant and Inspector General, USA, until 1841.

During the Florida War, he was Chief of Staff to General Worth. On special duty from 1842 to 1852, he was brevetted Colonel for meritorious service during the Mexican War.

From 1852 to 1861, Colonel Cooper was Adjutant and Inspector General of the US Army.

In March, 1861, he resigned from the US Army and tendered his services to the southern Confederacy, of which he became Adjutant and Inspector General and senior ranking officer with the full rank of General.

Samuel was the author of Cooper's Tactics (1836).

He lived in Fairfax County, Virginia, on his plantation, Cameron, after the Northern Aggression of the South was halted.

General Cooper's wife, Sarah Mason, was the daughter of John Mason of "The Island", opposite Georgetown, D.C. Later named "Analostan Island". This site is now a memorial to President Theodore Roosevelt.

Sarah Mason was the grand-daughter of George Mason of "Gunston Hall", and the sister of the Hon. James Murray mason, U. S. Senator, and later, Confederate commissioner to England.

Senator Mason was captured aboard the British steamer "Trent" by Captain Wilkes of the U.S. Navy during the Northern Aggression of the South. This has become known as the "Trent Affair" in today's history.

Adjutant and Inspector General Samuel Cooper, CSA and Sarah Maria Mason had the following children:

child + 19 i. Virginia Mason5 Dawson was born May 15, 1833.

child 20 ii. Samuel Cooper (#19) was born Cameron, Virginia (Alexandra, VA) June 4, 1836. Samuel died January 20, 1908 Alexandra, Virginia, at 71 years of age. His body was interred January 20, 1908 Christ Church Cemetery.

Samuel was a graduate of West Point, Class of 1855. He served as 2nd Lieutenant, and 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Artillery. He resigned his commission from the USA on April 5, 1861 to become a Lt. in the CSA Artillery.

Samuel remained a bachelor his entire life. After the Northern Aggression was over, Samuel made a statement that he would never work outside of the family estate. He held true to this promise. It was often said to other family members when they were not preforming their chores, "Don't you be like your Uncle Sam, go ahead and do your work."

child + 21 iii. Maria Mason Cooper Wheaton was born August 4, 1836.

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