General Samuel Cooper, Adjutant and Inspector General of the Confederate States of America

General Samuel Cooper

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The first recorded generation of General Cooper's family is his Great-Grandfather, the Reverend William Cooper.

Much thanks goes to E. Rowland Dawson, Samuel Cooper Dawson, Jr., Samuel Cooper Dawson, III, John Brockenbrough Offley, and Gilbert H. Rowell for their never ending contributions to these records.

Thanks and credit also go to this same group for their support in gathering information for General Cooper's web site.

It has been adopted as a policy of General Cooper's web site not to publish information regarding living descendants of the General's. Therefore, birth dates and other personal information of those descendants known to be living has been excluded from this data.

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Surname List

Champney, Cooper, Dawson, Dent, Donohoe, Douglass, Heaton, Mix, Offley, Paulding, Pendleton, Priestley, Rowell, Smart, Vandeventer, Wheaton

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