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Geo. A. Cooper, III

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Researching General Samuel Cooper has taken me to many parts of the country. One of the most valued trips was having the privilege of visiting with S. Cooper Dawson, Jr. on Friday May, 30, 1997. Mr. Dawson is a surviving great-grandson of General Samuel Cooper, CSA.

The purpose of the visit was to discuss the General, his family and his life as know by Mr. Dawson. The meeting was at Cameron of Fairfax County, Virginia, the former estate of General Cooper and current home of Cooper, as he is preferred to be called. Cooper is the fourth generation of the General's to have lived and raised a family at Cameron of Fairfax County, Virginia. Also, in attendance at the meeting was Cooper's son, Samuel Cooper Dawson, III.

The day was filled with facts regarding General Cooper that had been long awaited.  

Cooper has in his possession some of the most interesting documents regarding the General. Some of those documents are the research papers of E. Rowland Dawson which are found in another area of General Cooper's Web Site. However, one of the most interesting documents given to me was a copy of a speech give by Cooper. This speech was presented to the Washington, DC Civil War Round Table on January 10, 1978, by S. Cooper Dawson, Jr. Later it was used in documentation on a nomination form for the Dictionary of Virginia Biography. 

With the permission of S. Cooper Dawson, Jr., I am proud and pleased to add his transcribed speech to General Samuel Cooper's records.